Designing Competitive and Sustainable Business For A Clean Future.

Who We Are


Forever A Hipster is the store of the Predators Motorcycle Club. This store is our club's path to becoming a socially responsible organization, a minimum of 20% of all our sales will be collected for direct support and donation to improve conditions for individuals and communities where our members ride. 


The products for sale on this site have been donated by Private Donors, and Owners of their respective brands or lines so that we may generate revenue for the purpose of charitable donations.

We are a Private Motorcycle Club.
  • We are a Self-Directed Charitable Organization.
  • We are recognized by established Motorcycle Clubs and we  respect their Cuts and Colors.
  • We claim no territory.
  • We participate and contribute to socially responsible missions to encourage diversity, charity, compassion, education and humanities concurrently.
  • We are incorporated federally as a Not For Profit Organization.

Contact us if you would like to discuss collaborating with us on a socially responsible project; we will only support or fund initiatives, activities or projects that deliver tangible and real results - meaning when its done, we want to see it.

For more information please write: